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About Author

My name is Krishnendu Mukherjee & I am a founder of Academy24x7
I am an Engineer (Mechanical Engineer) by profession and also working in  Manufacturing Industry since last 1 years.


I have started my mechanical engineering studies from Sanaka Educational Trust, Durgapur
in 2o18 and completed it in 2021 with 74%. now i am Study Bachelor of engineering (B.tech) in Mechanical


After completion of my engineering I started my first job in 2019 from Vaishnavi Auto Pvt. Ltd as a Mechanical Engineer.

Then I moved on my next company Brembo
Now I am still working on Italy based multinational company Brembo Brake India Pvt Ltd in Pune.

Why I am Here?

When I started working in industries, I realized that whatever I read in engineering theory is practically different.
And when I searched in the internet, I found that theory based knowledge is lot of available while practical knowledge is very less.
Also one thing I noticed when I started my engineering studies. All of the sudents is looking for a good college or university before he starts his studies. So I decided that i will share Mechanical Engineering Related post and  Best collages, academies, University . And whether it is medical college or engineering, you will find the information of all kinds of colleges in this website.
Now this website is only managed by one person. Next time we will manage as a team where there will be teachers and students. Teachers will continue to teach on different subjects.
So if you are a teacher or student and would like to join our team then you can contact me.
You can visit our Contact Us page to get in touch → Contact Us
You can also mail us at this address→ Krishnendu1mukherjee@gmail.com
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Stay tuned with us! Learn and Grow Together
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