Servant Season 4: What Twists and Turns Will We See?

It's been an eventful season three of Apple TV's hit original series Servant, and sadly it's already come to an abrupt end.

After nine thrilling and suspenseful episodes, the tenth and final episode of the season came and went (back on March 25th). 

While many are sad and distraught at not having any more Servant to get us through the spring and summer months,

Dorothy Is Paralyzed & Has No Way to Escape

After episode ten of season three, we see a frantic Dorothy scrambling to flee the Turner home with baby Jericho. At this point, Dorothy has no trust in her husband Sean or her brother Julian (Rupert Grint) when it comes to taking her side against Leanne.

After the passing, Dorothy went into a state where she either couldn't remember what happened or chose to escape from the truth.

Dorothy actually suffered from postpartum depression after giving birth to the actual baby Jericho and left him in the car to pass away.