Tony Dow, 'Leave It to Beaver' is still alive after three deaths. Everyone says it comforts the mind

Tony Dow, the first published Facebook post about him was incorrect. Variety confirmed the death with Dow's team

Tony Dow's son is grieving at this time, says Christopher Dow 

“It's a difficult time. Father at home, in hospital care and in his last days. My wife and I stayed by his side and many friends who visited. He has a fighting heart."

Tony Dow was an accomplished actor who starred in several popular movies such as Wally Cleaver to Jerry Mathers' Beaver in the iconic series “Leave It to Beaver,”

Tony Doe He Was Dead at age 77.

Tony Doe's wife Lorraine May's say, which he suffered from cancer a few years ago, has returned.

Dow returned in the 1980s for the TV movie “Still the Beaver” and series “The New Leave It to Beaver,”

He moved into writing, producing and directing while continuing to act, and helmed several episodes of “Harry and the Hendersons,”

He also became a sculptor and started a construction company.

RIP Tony Dow He is survived by his wife Lauren and two children.